Growing mushrooms at home

Grow your own Mushrooms at Home

Unfortunately the only way to know if something is truely organic, is if you grew it yourself so, grow your own mushrooms at home.

Mushrooms grow from spores, which can be found on-line or on mushrooms.

Spores grow into Hyphae which in turn grow into Mycelium, which can be found on-line or in-mushrooms. (hic)

Mycelium can be grown on grain, wild bird seed, coffee grounds, wooden plugs and even cardboard, this medium is then called “Spawn” Which can also be found on-line or grown at home.

Spawn is used to inoculate the substrate (growing bed) in which the Mycelium will continue growing until the substrate has turned white. 

This substrate can be grown on trays, in containers, bags, logs or outdoor in grow beds. It can also be bought on-line or grown at home.

Now you need to trigger pinning – which is the baby mushroom growth.

Mushrooms are fully grown within a week.

This whole process can take a month (or two) depending on where you start in the process, spores, mycelium, spawn or grow bag, and your growing conditions. We cover all of this in our Grow your own Mushrooms at Home course.

In the wild

In the wild this cycle can take years for the right combination of nutrients, moisture, temperature and triggers to happen at the same time

In the garden

In your garden you have a lot more control with getting the combination right but nature is the boss and it can still take a while – but quicker than in the wild.

In the home

This is where you are most in control, when you grow your own mushrooms at home you have control of the nutrients and can adjust the temperature, humidity, air and light for the optimum grow environment.