If you go down to the woods today ...

Fungitown grow mushrooms at home. With our years of experience we’ll get you on the right track, because growing mushrooms at home is easy!

The A – Z of mushroom growing. From spores and spawn to agar and petri dishes, to inoculating grain and colonising substrates, to pinning and fruiting. With a lot about hydration, bacteria, oxygen and Paul Stamets in between.

About Fungi

Have you ever woken in the morning to find some mushrooms growing on your lawn. Nothing yesterday, here today, but gone tomorrow. So where did they come from? Who planted the seeds, birds, moles, insects? Why, how?

Natures Gift

What if there were a natural substance that could help restore brain function, regrow damaged nerves and reverse the progression of multiple sclerosis? There may well be!

Buttons & Browns

Now we are starting to see the likes of Shitake, King Oyster, Shimeji, Reishi , Portobello and many other variations. With there different textures flavours and benefits.

It’s easy!

Growing mushrooms is easy – once you know how. Learning the pitfalls, the do’s and don’ts and the how too’s is what takes the time. Like golf, it needs to be learnt properly from the beginning. There are a few right ways and many, many, many wrong ones.

Grown locally

Yes your climate, the temperature, humidity and sunlight will all have an effect on your mushroom growth. Growing as a hobby? Choose the mushroom. Growing commercially? Choose the substrate.

Healthy Recipes

With the expose’s around “organically grown” foods, meat, chicken, vegetables and now even honey! Labeled 100% Pure Honey! Yes the honey you are eating might contain very little, well you know, honey!