Grow Your Own Mushrooms at Home

pressure cooker

What you'll need

The course is made for people wanting to grow their own mushrooms at home, without any expensive outlay.

In fact the only outlay you’ll have is for a pressure cooker, if you don’t already have one.

Mostly what you need will already be in your kitchen.

mushroom parts

Why the history, life cycle and such?

You can grow your mushrooms from scratch,  from mushroom spores at the beginning of their lifecycle (or end) or by cloning a mushroom at the end of its lifecycle * or is that actually the beginning?

It’s the anywhere inbetween that needs the knowledge learned from the early lessons.

mushroom cultivation diagram

How long does it take?

To grow the mushrooms or complete the course?

Both about the same, because you can’t harvest your mushrooms until they’ve grown…

If you are impatient then you should come on our workshop in Randburg, you do everything in one day – but only because we spent weeks preparing for it! Like a cooking show all the stages have been completed.


lions mane

Nature knows best

You can grow mushrooms in beds or on logs in your garden but we are talking many months if not years before they fruit. We need to be able to control each step of the lifecycle to maximise output in the shortest time frame.

How far can we take it?

All the way!

We may measure our substrate mix with cups, sterilise in a pressure cooker and grow in a plastic bag tent, while the commercial farmer uses front end loaders, huge autoclaves and a specially prepared warehouse – but the process followed is the same for both growers!


Growing mushrooms takes patience. Even when everything has been done by the book the mushroom is king, when it’s ready to fruit it will, and not before….



One Day Workshop in Randburg

The A – Z of mushroom growing condensed into 1 day. Everything is pre prepared so you get to complete the whole lifecycle of growing mushrooms.      R 2500.00

On-Line Course

Our one day workshop on-line.
Same content but no magic in the kitchen. You will complete each step and wait while nature takes it’s course to complete the next step. 6-8 weeks depending where you start in the lifecycle.

Coming Soon!